Pattern Maker

Create beautiful patterns from simple rules

This website includes or links to many of my projects which attempt to make procedural or generative art accessible to non-programmers. This is art generated by a set of rules or an algorithm. But it surprising how far we can go with quite a simple interface.

Pattern Maker

One of my main projects in this area has been Pattern Maker (hence the site name). I started with an iPhone and iPad App as excuse to learn SwiftUI just after Apple released it. I've since created a MacOS and Web version. You can download it for free:

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Pattern Maker Pro

The Mac version, Pattern Maker Pro adds many powerful features, including a full undo/redo history, multiple layers, custom positioning and more. It supports export both to PNG and SVG.

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example darkexample linesexample particlesexample triangular

Pattern Maker Web

Pattern Maker works on the web. Note that while it may be partially functional in a mobile browser, especially on a tablet, it is only currently targeting desktop/laptop use. This version is a little more experimental than the others and lacks some features like SVG export.

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Code Sculpture

Actually well before Pattern Maker I made Code Sculpture a much more technically impressive App (it is actually a similar concept but in 3D!). However Pattern Maker seems to be much more popular.

download on the app storecode sculpture


I've also made a library for algorithmic drawing: Solandra. It gives you much more control over what you are doing (though will require programming skills). It is a bit like Processing, but less beginner friendly, though with many friendlier APIs.

example 0example 3example 4example 1example 2

I also did a version for SVG (i.e. vector) graphic generation: Solandra SVG.